Global IT vendor - 24/7 Japanese customer support was the key to succeed in the Japan market.

Case 1) Overseas network equipment vendor

Satisfying Japanese customers with high-quality Japanese language assistance 24/7

Important point
PacketFabric serves as an intermediary between the local onsite engineering company in Japan and the TAC in Singapore, providing Japanese language support via phone and email to ensure Japanese users benefit high-quality 24/7 maintenance service regardless of time differences and language barriers.
Japanese Bilingual Customer Support Outsourcing Service
PacketFabric accepts inquiries and requests from Japanese users of Vendor X network equipment after Vendor X office hours. After grasping the user’s situation, PacketFabric relays the information in English to the vendor’s TAC in Singapore. If an engineer needs to be dispatched, PacketFabric will intermediate between the onsite engineering company and Vendor X’s TAC in Singapore via phone and email.

If a Japanese user of Vendor X network switch calls us and says, “The network switch went down. Please examine the log I sent you.”

The PacketFabric operator translates the conversation and relays it to Vendor X’s TAC (Technical Assistance Center) in Singapore.

The TAC analyzes the user’s log and has an PacketFabric operator dispatch a local onsite engineer with appropriate equipment to the user.

The PacketFabric operator translates the dispatch details to Japanese and informs the user.

The PacketFabric operator provides updates before the engineer arrives at the user’s facility.

The engineer replaces the equipment onsite.

The PacketFabric operator informs both the user and the TAC in Singapore that the task has been completed.

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CASE 2) Overseas software developer

Overcoming gaps with overseas companies to ensure speedy service in Japan

Before introducing its authentication system software in Japan, the American developer prepared a Japanese customer support tool. But the company had no Japanese speaking support staff and hired PacketFabric to provide customer support using their tool. PacketFabric, which launched the service according to schedule, translates text inquiries from Japanese customers to English and translates text replies from American developers to Japanese to ensure smooth communication. It also provides phone support through an emergency service, resulting in a comprehensive customer support system.
Important point
PacketFabric fully supported every phase of system implementation including explaining operation and system requirements in detail, reviewing and concluding contracts, confirming service provision conditions, training staff and preparing the platform before launch. When the American developer signed contracts with other foreign firms in relation to this project, PacketFabric staff members highly experienced in international business provided English assistance in discussions between the American developer and foreign firms. This sped up contract procedures and freed the American developer’s person in charge of contract in Japan to focus on resolving operational support issues.
Customer review
“PacketFabric proposed exactly the support we needed and hoped for based on impressive network operation center know-how. Their swift implementation of solid support allowed us to successfully launch our service in limited time”.
Translation service via customer support tool

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