Corporate Network for online meetings & remote access VPN

In Japan, more and more companies are adding bandwidth to their corporate network to support the increase in Internet traffic caused by online meetings and remote access VPN from outside of the office.

1. Corporate Network for rise of online meetings

How can we keep up with the increase in online meeting?

Due to the influence of COVID-19, In-house meetings and business meetings with clients are rapidly moving online.

It has become commonplace to bring a laptop into a conference room to hold important meetings with customers on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

However, few people in the systems department were expecting to have so many video calls going on at the same time.

With multiple web conferencing sessions taking place at the same time, there is often a lack of bandwidth on the corporate Internet connection, causing frequent network delays.
2. Corporate Network for remote access VPN

Remote work requires comfortable remote access VPN

Furthermore, the number of remote workers has increased rapidly in Japan as well.

However, the large number of employees connecting to the office via VPN at the same time has put a strain on the corporate Internet connection.

PacketFabric has received many inquiries about bandwidth shortage due to remote working.
3. PacketFabric's Dedicated Internet access (DIA) service solves the bandwidth shortage caused by remote access VPNs and online meetings.
“Hikari’ is the major Broadband Internet access line for both home use and small businesses in Japan. However, the unguaranteed shared bandwidth causes slow Internet access and is not suitable for the high demands of office use. Below you can find the benefits of using PacketFabric's Dedicated Internet access (DIA) service.
Guaranteed Bandwidth
PacketFabric's Dedicated Internet access (DIA) provides guaranteed Internet bandwidth between the range of 3Mbs and 10Gbps. If you purchase a 200Mbps service, you will always receive 200Mbps for both upload and download regardless of the time or date.
Ethernet access lines
PacketFabric's Dedicated Internet access (DIA) will be delivered to your premises nationwide through dedicated Ethernet access lines. This means that you will not need to set up PPoE or IPoE but just set up an IP connection between your router and PacketFabric's router. This is ideal for global companies that want the same configuration for their headquarters or other global locations.
Network performance
PacketFabric's route optimizing technology makes a daily average of 1.1 million optimizations per Point of Presence. It automatically puts your outbound traffic on the best performing route. This means that once you’re plugged into the PacketFabric network, you don’t have to do anything to see the difference. And with the meshed infrastructure of Tier 1 ISPs and our global network, you never have to choose between reliability, connectivity or speed.
Service Level Guarantees (SLA)
Proactive monitoring, alerting and crediting for network issues.
An industry-leading SLA that supports:
100% network availability
Less than 150ms latency between Japan and the US
Less than 325ms latency between Japan and Europe
Under 1% of packet loss between Japan and the US, and between Japan and Europe
24/7 English and Japanese support
PacketFabric provides technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in both English and Japanese. This means that both your local staff in Japan and your IT manager overseas can contact us anytime and receive support.
Network Bandwidth Guarantee Service (Internet Connectivity)

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