GAC Japan is providing local IT support to global companies in Japan.


GAC is one of our most valuable partner companies.
It has unique capability in the field of long-term on-site technical supports for international companies as well as providing those supports on ad-hock basis.
Those services are complementary to the ones of PacketFabric in providing together all-in-one technical supports to international customers.
This is an interview with Mr, Tsukamoto, the representative director, and Mr, Young, a field engineer.
Among other hings, they are talking about the global service with high customer satisfaction which is realized by the collaboration between the two companies.
Introducing GAC Japan
We are providing on-site IT technical support by our English/Japanese bilingual engineers in Japan. Over 90% of our customers are locating their headquarters in US, South-East Asia, and Europe. Our bilingual engineers provide varies of support to their local offices in Japan, starting from installation of computers and printers, and to designing and maintenance of servers and networking equipment in local datacenters.
Our services are perfect solution for global companies planning to expand their business to Japan, transferring offices and widening network systems.
GAC Japan’s Strength
We have a history of operating a network system for international aviation companies and the skills for building and operating global network system in both English and Japanese are one of our most valuable strengths. We are gaining reliance from the executives in the main office, since we are conversant with the local specification, standards and business cultures in Japan, which could be troublesome to foreign companies. Being a communication bridge between their main office and local vendors is also highly valued. Currently, other than Japanese, we have a Bulgarian, Iran, and Canadian engineer at service and it is leading to a great advantage on international business communications. Furthermore, our original Rounding Service, a regularly on-site inspection service, is providing flexible support for miscellaneous troubles and maintenances occurring in IT equipment and has satisfied our customers which manage their office without an IT staff.
What kind of supports do global companies require?
Compared to a Japanese company, global companies lay more value on the speed of implementation and the cost of the service when selecting their network infrastructure. The global companies which are expanding their business to Japan are often unaware of the local IT environment, so a detailed support for scheduling and managing the procedures for obtaining network lines is critical. In addition, providing an opportunity to communicate stress free with English is also an important factor. Even with a major company, there are cases that the Japanese office has only about ten staffs, and in those cases, the accounting manager often substitutes the IT manager. They might be fluent with English but since they are not an IT professional, one of our roles is to manage with the engineers in the main office and prepare reports on their behalf.
What points of PacketFabric’s service fit?
Some network services in Japan, such as FLET’S, are unfamiliar to foreign companies and those services are often not suitable for them. PacketFabric's corporate internet service, the Network Bandwidth Guarantee Service, provides a stable quality of network, guaranteed bandwidth and network redundancy with a single ISP. These specifications match the requirements of global companies and we are confident with introducing it. Their jobs are very reliable; network lines are delivered quickly and they will seek to fulfill the client’s request even in a challenging schedule. They also provide English support during the proposal and to the installation, and by combining with our maintenance service lets the global companies use the services at ease.
What advantages do partnership with PacketFabric would create?
By utilizing each other’s services, we could produce enhanced solutions together. Having an option to introduce PacketFabric's high quality network service led us to widen the chance to make business with global companies that are expanding and moving their offices in Japan. As we get more projects introduced from PacketFabric, it has let us to increase the number of our staffs. Sometimes we are asked for 24/7 phone support along with our on-site service, but it is difficult to handle with our team’s current scale. If it is a support only for a single server or a router, we could not afford the costs. We are assuming that the improvement of IT equipment would reduce the needs for regularly on-site support, so now we are planning to launch a remote support service. We believe PacketFabric’s Language Support Service would let us respond to overseas customers’ requirements including primary support in operation service and remote access support. We are willing to reinforce the alliance with PacketFabric and support much more business of global companies in Japan

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