Jector cloud storage — The choice of creative professionals for easy exchange of large-capacity video data.


Nekojarashi Inc. provides cloud storage for the video and design production industries and uses PacketFabric as the key infrastructure for its leading Jector service. In this interview, General Manager Fukui of customer services and System Manager Momoi explain why Nekojarashi chose PacketFabric as its partner for a huge data center migration project.
Jector cloud service introduction
Founded in 2006 and focused on establishing a cloud business, Nekojarashi has been providing its Jector cloud storage service for video and design production since 2014. Jector is a file sharing service for video production professionals who frequently exchange large files, such as image and video files, with coworkers and other companies. In addition to allowing secure sharing of files within teams on a project basis, it is compatible with various video formats, allows easy previewing of content, and makes communication of editing instructions smoother so that staff members can spend more time on essential production work. This convenient functionality has earned Nekojarashi high praise and support from numerous companies in the production, broadcasting and advertising industries.
What issues arose before launching the service?
Our major customers in the video production business require high-quality connectivity to transmit large-capacity files. As the number of users grew some end users began complaining about transmission delays. So we consulted various internet providers, but their typical response was that they could not do anything because the problems lay outside of their networks.
Jector required more conversion servers to handle the various file formats, but we had reservations about the power capacity of the data center we were using. We were also concerned about the quality of the data center's administrative policy. For example, the data center entry procedures were highly cumbersome and sometimes took half an hour or more even during emergencies. So we were often stressed by the loss of precious work time. The Data center staff also seemed overworked and were surprisingly burdened by simple requests that were sometimes turned down, such as storing our belongings, processing our shipments or setting up equipment.
What features were you seeking?
To provide Jector to the highest quality of service, we needed reliable, high-performance connectivity that would easily send and receive large video files and allow quick, detailed file editing in the cloud. We also felt it was necessary to improve customer support by having the capability to thoroughly investigate the causes of system failures. As for the data center, we sought more flexible responses to our requests, such as smoother entry procedures that would allow our staff to quickly begin work while maintaining high levels of security.
What led you to select PacketFabric?
We had been using PacketFabric's connectivity service for other projects and so were aware of the quality provided by PacketFabric. A major animation production/distribution company was seeking to use Jector in a higher-quality private cloud. While touring PacketFabric's data center with representatives of this company, they expressed high opinions of PacketFabric's Network Bandwidth Guarantee Service (Internet Connectivity) technology, and this was a key factor in our decision to use the service. PacketFabric engineers also repeatedly visited the data center from the initial stages to grasp the situation onsite, offer their suggestions and design solutions to our problems. After launching the service, they provided thorough customer support even for routine maintenance and minor problems with little impact on operations. This strengthened our confidence in their network management. Since our business was growing and our engineering staff was limited, we felt that PacketFabric's Managed Services was the right choice for isolating and analyzing issues in large-scale projects. Based on these experiences, we decided that PacketFabric was the ideal technical partner for our major data center relocation project.
What is your future outlook and expectation toward PacketFabric?
We hope to accelerate growth in the number of Jector users and expand our overseas business. While currently focusing on the video production industry, we intend on extending our services to other industries as well. We are hoping that PacketFabric will provide not only infrastructure support, but also technical support in English, such as in response to inquiries from overseas users, through its bilingual staff. While there are various facets to the video production process, we would like to target new customers interested in Jector's editing features. Since expansion in this area would require considerable increases in data capacity and higher traffic volume, we assume we will have to upgrade our network and increase rack capacity. As Jector's popularity grows, we look forward to continued flexible assistance from PacketFabric.
Toward overseas expansion, we are planning to exhibit at the NAB Show, the world's largest broadcast and video industry event, in Las Vegas next year. Jector is steadily gaining recognition through its appearance in the credits of many TV dramas and movies, but our dream is to one day receive a Scientific and Engineering Award at the Academy Awards!

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