Adopted PacketFabric data center and Network Bandwidth Guarantee Service as high-speed Internet base between Japan and China.

Case background and challenges:
Company A, headquartered in China, looking for a stable communication infrastructure as well as a good business environment, was planning to start up their cloud service here in Japan.
They began researching data centers in Japan to function as the base for their services and found that there were no problems in terms of security and facilities. However, launching their services in Japan also meant they had other needs than security and facilities alone. In order to handle issues in a timely manner, they would need operators at those facilities who could speak languages other than Japanese. As end users of cloud services demand a stable, quality connection (few delays, little to no packet loss, etc.), they would need to find an environment suited for communications between China and Japan. Lastly, they would need to keep costs down at the start as well as flexibility as the business flourishes and grows.
Company A`s Requirements:
① A data center that can provide English support from the early stages of negotiations, all the way through to the contract and installation processes.
② An infrastructure with little latency and packet loss and an internet connection environment that is stable throughout the day.
③ An opportunity to start small and scale as the business grows.
Reasons to Choose PacketFabric:
① From the negotiation stage to the contract signing stage, and even with post installation support, PacketFabric`s Data Center Services off full bilingual English and Japanese support
Our NOC (Network Operation Center) staff are available 24/7/365, and can respond flexibly to requests from Data Centre visits and Remote Hands to more complex matters. As well as receiving and storing packages from abroad, we also have a staging room in the data center for any necessary work. We feel these are exactly the kind of attentive services that cloud providers expanding into Japan are looking for.
② Ultra-low latency Internet connection thanks to PacketFabric`s unique route optimization technology
We implemented a stable Internet connection from Japan to China so that the automatic BGP route optimization could happen regularly.
For cloud providers that can lose a lot from just a second's connectivity loss or network latency, we offer a reliable, quality network infrastructure.
Company A`s Profit:
Once Company A was setup in PacketFabric`s data center and began to roll out their services, their speedy and stable China-Japan connection became popular and Company A was able to acquire many new end users. Also, in the event of an outage, our NOC (Network Operation Center) team delivered speedy, high-quality support. Going forward, they are planning to further expand their Japanese base along with their services.

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