Selecting the best path for success with NOC

A 24/7 bilingual technical support centre can be a challenging place to work.
The Network Operation Centre supports domestic and international customers from a range of industries, including the financial sector, software companies and local governmental organizations.

Our Network Operation Center
The NOC have a range of responsibilities, including network monitoring, troubleshooting connectivity issues and translating technical and routing enquires from our IT Support customers.
Having such a heavy work load requires our NOC Staff to be flexible, speedy and creative in their approach to their responsibilities.
The customer comes first
Being a customer facing support team, the customer comes first and the NOC's primary mission is to get the work done as quickly as possible, as accurately as possible. To imagine oneself as the customer is vital in trying to anticipate the customer's needs and in aiming to provide the customers with accurate up-to-date information about network outages or technical translations.
We value diversity
The NOC is a multicultural team and the staff also come from a range of professional backgrounds other than the IT Industry. The diversity of the NOC means that each staff brings a unique perspective to the job and each member makes valuable contributions to the overall running of the NOC as well as providing high quality support to customers.
Learning by doing
Despite being a leading centre of technical and linguistic support and having standard operating procedures, we encourage our staff to learn through experience and not to simply rely on a manual to fulfill their responsibilities. Initial training and continuing on-the-job-training is very much focused on understanding the task at hand, whether this be responding to a network outage, taking care of internal paperwork or acting as a language bridge between overseas vendor and Japanese customer, the essential things are that the NOC understand what they are expected to do, to understand what steps they need to take and to actually do them. Whilst some companies may prefer to create detailed manuals covering every possible situation, experience has shown me that the best way to learn is to do, and that overly detailed manuals can be cumbersome, slow down response times and do not allow for the flexibility and creativity that we expect from our staff.
As mentioned previously, the NOC is made up of people from diverse cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds. That they are able to work together in a team spanning multiple shifts demonstrates their shared vision of providing superior support in a challenging role. This is no easy task and is something that they can be proud of.
Working in the PacketFabric NOC is a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience with some of the core technologies that allow the internet to function whilst interacting with customers from a wide range of industries. This makes each NOC member not only a superb network engineer but an excellent business person capable of handling issues of a global and multicultural nature.

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