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INAP Japan has changed to Unitas Global

INAP Japan (Internap Japan Co., Ltd) has become Unitas Global Co., Ltd.

In accordance with INAP (HQ located in Virginia, USA) selling its network connectivity assets to Unitas Global (HQ located in Illinois, USA), we have 100% become a subsidiary of Unitas Global and are announcing the official company name change as of November 30th, 2022.

We have already begun utilizing Unitas Global’s SD-WAN “Unitas Reach” with its high bandwidth internet connectivity. In addition, we are starting sales for their international connectivity service. With its presence in over 160 different countries across the world, it is receiving praise for its great network and outstanding cost-performance from access-line carriers and data centers alike.

So far, we are also beginning to recruit carriers to take part in “Unitas Nexus,” an approach to connect multiple access-line carriers spanning the globe and introducing automated estimates to help accelerate the progress of new orders.  This means that domestic access-line carriers will not only increase their chance of new sales, but also gain the ability to expand their service into overseas areas.

We will continue to work hard, without compromising and giving into the status-quo, to serve our customers. We look forward to working with you as we take this next step in our journey.

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