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Handling of the information that we may seek from customers who are using this home page and customers' privacy

We are operating the official Web site of PacketFabric (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") in order to provide customers and potential customers with information on our business operations and services. When you use the Site, you will sometimes be asked to provide personal information (specifically when you use the Site's services in which customers are asked to give such information on a voluntary or independent basis, such as when answering questionnaires, sending inquiries, and making e-mail registration).

The information that we may solicit from customers mainly concerns their personal data, such as their name, e-mail address, telephone numbers and addresses, all of which is data that we need when explaining our services to customers. However, customers may be asked to provide information on other matters if we judge such information is necessary in order to fully explain our services and to ensure we meet their business needs. Whether customers answer questions on these matters is basically a voluntary matter, except for a small number of questions where the information is deemed necessary from the viewpoint of implementing our services. Regarding the handling of customers' information, PacketFabric has the policy of not revising or modifying any presented data or information without the consent of customers.

Customers are asked to understand that PacketFabric may present their personal information or the data collected through the Site to third parties, depending on the type of service. (For example, the transportation companies that are in charge of shipments on behalf of PacketFabric must necessarily be informed of the names and addresses of customers.)

PacketFabric is prepared to take necessary steps in order to protect the privacy of customers who visited the Site, as long as such steps are deemed as reasonable. Parts of our Web services require customers to give highly confidential personal data (such as numbers of online money transactions and credit card numbers). When we handle such confidential personal data, we will do our utmost to prevent such information from leaking to other parties by encoding such information. PacketFabric may revise the privacy policies mentioned above in the future, but any revisions will be posted on the Site as soon as such a revision occurs.

About "cookies"

The use of cookies is designed to increase the convenience for customers when they revisit the site. It is not in any way meant as a violation of their privacy. Further, the use of these cookies will not cause harm to customers' computers.

You can reject cookies in the set up of your Web browser, and this will not affect visits to the Site. For specific ways to set up your browser, please contact the software manufacturers for the relevant software.

Guarantee, limited responsibility

Customers are asked to take responsibility for the consequences of their use of the Site.

PacketFabric will not take any responsibility for any kind of damage or losses that may derive from customers' use of information posted on the Site and on other Web sites linked from this Site.

Use of the Site is bound by Japan's laws and the Tokyo government's laws.

The Site is under the control of PacketFabric.

The Site is accessible from all countries in the world. These countries have different legal systems and law frameworks. But it is understood that people who visit the Site from these countries and PacketFabric agree that the use of the Site is bound by Japan's law and ordinances of the Tokyo metropolitan government regardless of such legal differences.

PacketFabric does not either say or suggest on the Site that the content of the Site is appropriate for all customers who visit the Site. It is understood that customers' access to the Site is based on their voluntary decisions and that customers will take full responsibility for any consequence of their use of the Site.

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